What to Expect for 2017 Hair and Makeup

Is today’s hectic schedule keeping you away from attending a very special occasion? You have second thoughts about coming because you only have an hour or two to do your hair and makeup. Grab your phone and try the mobile hair and makeup on demand service by Stylu. 2017 is here and you start to feel anxious again because you

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Prepare Your Holidays With Stylu

Preparing for that special occasion and arriving at the venue on time can be a major hassle particularly if you have a limited time. Perhaps, you need ample time to get dressed at home or any place of your choice on that important day. At Stylu, we understand that even the most important occasions in your life can be stressful

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Wanting to Try a New Holiday Hair and Makeup Trend?

We know that you love to stay on trend, especially for the holidays. Whether you’re entertaining or visiting with friends and family, it’s a lot of fun to go with an extra special look for holiday parties. Here’s what to expect for makeup and hair trends this holiday season. Holiday hair trends Holiday style should require a little more effort

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Your Guide to Spicy Colour for Fall

This fall is all about pumpkin spice, and we’re not just talking about lattés. It was only a matter of time before that seasonal favourite went from scent and flavours to spicy makeup and hairstyles. Check out the STYLU team’s favourite ways to incorporate spice into your fall style. Spicy smoky eyes A trend hitting Toronto for fall that builds

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Toronto Life- Stylu an app that’s like Uber for Hair and Makeup

This summer saw the Canada-wide launch of StylU, a Toronto-developed app that delivers a hairstylist or makeup artist to you, wherever you are, whenever you need it. It’s ideal for aesthetic emergencies or—as I found out—last-minute birthday presents. Here’s what it’s like to order beauty on demand. The Claim The way StylU works is this: you download the app, select a service

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Why You Want to Book with STYLU

Have you been considering trying out the STYLU app? There are plenty of good reasons to give it a try. If you have a special occasion coming up, or just feel like treating yourself to a bit of luxury, we can make your day easier and more glamorous. Here’s why you want to book your next hair or makeup session

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Stylu App Has Launched!

STYLU is finally here! Thank you to all our loyal followers who have been watching our blog patiently for news of our launch. Our team has been working diligently to prepare Toronto’s first mobile beauty service and app. And we are proud to announce its arrival. STYLU is an on-demand beauty app that brings professional beauty services right to your

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Prepare Your Style for Summer Fun

Are you ready for summer? At STYLU, we’re always excited to find the newest makeup trends for the upcoming season. Check out our tips on how to prepare your style for summer fun. Must-have warm weather products What is the one problem you have most with wearing makeup once the weather heats up? It can melt down your face! But

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What You Need to Know about Men’s Hair Trends This Year

Summer is about to hit, and it’s a good time to clean up your haircut before you head out for a vacation. Men’s hairstyles have been getting more elaborate in recent years. But the good news is that you have easy options to update your look for 2016. Men’s hair trends go deep 2015 was undoubtedly the year of the

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Carefree Trends for Spring 2016 Hair and Makeup

Spring is the time for Spring Break, the calendar’s appetizer to summer vacation. Since vacations are the time to let loose and unwind, fashion trends for spring 2016 reflect that carefree attitude. So, STYLU has the top tips for you to look Spring Break ready, even if you won’t be at the beach. The secret to perfect hair Want to

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