Sexy, Fun, Playful: STYLU’s Tips for Romantic Valentine’s Day Beauty

Your beauty style for Valentine’s Day is important because you are likely considering a special someone as you choose your look for the day. Rather than doing your usual makeup and hair, you may want to put extra effort in for a romantic evening. Here are some tips for getting a sexy look for Valentine’s Day. Most romantic makeup and

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Bring on the Colour: Beauty Trends 2016

Are you looking for a new way to liven up your makeup and hair this year? It turns out you have some easy options for updating your look. Check out these fun beauty trends for 2016. Hair and makeup trends for 2016 Hair trends in 2016 are going to be all about colour and creativity. Experimenting with natural colours and

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Make Your Holiday Look Shine: Top Winter Beauty Trends

The trends this winter are all about combining dazzling with playful. The key is to create a balanced look by focusing on one detail, whether it be hair, eyes, lips, or nails. Apply a daring look to that one element of your style, and play it cool with the others. You can get the right balance of down-to-earth style and

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The Future of the Service Industry: On Demand Mobile Services

No matter how advanced our communications technology gets, there are some services that a smart device simply can’t provide. After all, your phone isn’t going to cut your hair, right? Maybe not, but with on demand mobile services you can get the convenience of services that are just a tap away. On demand mobile services blend information technology with offline

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