Why It’s Important to Get a Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial

When you’re planning for your big day, you want to make sure everything goes smoothly, and hopefully to plan. Part of that is ensuring that you’re not stressing out about your hair and makeup, which will be commemorated in photos for years to come. One of the best ways to take away the stress about your style is to have

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See How Mobile Hair and Makeup Serves You

Have you heard about mobile hair and makeup? Maybe you’re wondering if it’s really any better than going to a traditional salon. The truth is that both the salon and on demand beauty services have their advantages, but on demand services give you a lot more flexibility and control over your schedule. Find out why it makes sense to choose

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Are You Prepared for Your Spring Wedding?

Spring is traditionally the season for weddings. It’s a sign of new life, and that’s exactly what your wedding is–the start of a new life with your partner. Unfortunately, weddings get stressful. You want this important event to be perfect, and that includes looking your best. The good news is that Stylu can help you with that part. Here’s our

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Innovative On-Demand Beauty Service Launched in Vancouver

Don’t you hate it when you need to get ready for an event but you’re crunched for time or stuck at the office instead? Your time to complete tasks, like most people’s, is probably stretched in a dozen different directions each day. And anything that will get the best results while taking up less of your time is a life-saver.

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3 Tips to Light Up Your Winter Makeup

Do you have a season of holiday parties planned? Winter special occasions call for a special makeup look, and this season is all about lighting up those shorter days. Here are 3 tips to light up your winter makeup. Winter Makeup Trends The top winter makeup trends this year draw on the brightness of the season–tinsel, lights, and sparkle. Follow

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Your New Secret Weapon for Thicker Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the defining features of your look, but they’re also one of the makeup tricks that most often goes ignored. That’s often because styling your eyebrows can be a hassle, and a lot of eyebrow products out there are misleading or just a letdown. But our team at Stylu has come across an eyebrow product that is

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Gorgeous Looks for Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup is a deviation from your regular makeup routine, and it’s the perfect time to experiment. Makeup styles for Halloween tend to be more theatrical than your daily look. In fact, you may be trying to change your appearance altogether. And this year’s spooky makeup trends are much more pro-level than the thick black paint you used on your

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Fiery Fall Makeup Trends

Fall is a favorite time for warm, orangey tones. It brings to mind changing leaves, pumpkins, spice, and bonfires. And that’s why some of our favorite fall looks at Stylu incorporate fiery shades that light up fall evenings. Our mobile makeup team expects to see a lot of oranges, reds, and earthy brown tones this season. Try out some of

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Bohemian Looks for Fall Weddings

The diverse colours of fall make this season the perfect time for eclectic bohemian wedding hair and makeup styles. Bohemian style strikes an intriguing balance between natural, comfortable, and bold. Take a look at Stylu’s tips for an effortless bohemian style for your wedding. Antique and natural elements Bohemian bridal hair and makeup is usually somewhat casual. Keeping it simple

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Pull Your Wedding Style Together Easier With STYLU

Yes, STYLU does weddings and wedding parties. And we would love to be a part of making your wedding day plans come together perfectly. Take a look at how we make wedding hair and makeup easier. Perfect bridal hair and makeup We love taking care of bridal groups. It makes our day to know that we’ve been a part of

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