Hair and Makeup Tricks That Every Bride Must Know

Cake, invitations, flowers, venue, DJ…

Planning a wedding takes a ton of effort, and everything has to be scheduled in advance or you risk getting stuck with less than ideal alternatives. Picking how to do your bridal hair and makeup can seem like one more stressor added to a growing list. And that’s a shame because planning your makeup and hair can be a lot of fun! What should brides know about bridal hair and makeup tricks?

We’ve got the tips that will make this part of your wedding plans a breeze…

Prep Wedding Hair

Ideally, you’ll start getting your hair into shape for your wedding well before the big day. This means keeping up with basic hair maintenance and hygiene.

We know, you’re super busy right now! But you’ll be thankful that you didn’t let your hair become a mess. It will make pulling off your perfect bridal hairstyle a lot easier.

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Use heat sparingly to reduce damage, and use a heat protectant like Kenra Professional Platinum Hot Spray 20 or Blow-Dry Mist when you do.
  • Allow a day off between hair washings to reduce damage and allow natural oils to replenish and protect your strands, and focus washing at the scalp.
  • Always use conditioner after shampooing, and focus on the ends.
  • Use a deep conditioning hair oil with vitamin E once or twice a week to reduce styling damage.

Don’t get a haircut or colour right before your wedding. We love experimenting with looks! But leading up to your wedding day is not the time. You want a look that you know you’re comfortable in. After all, you’re going to have lots of pictures of this day. It’s not the time for an experiment. If you are truly unhappy with or tired of your current length, cut, or colour, then you should make whatever change you are considering at least a month ahead of time. This gives you plenty of time to make corrections before your wedding if things go wrong. If you opt for a new colour during this time, just make sure to get the roots touched up before the wedding.

Our Bridal Hair and Makeup Tricks

Okay, now that you’ve got the basics, here are the extra bridal hair and makeup tricks to follow leading up to your wedding.

First, book some hair and makeup trials with professional stylists, like our team at Stylu. We can try out a few different looks for your wedding makeup and hair so you can see how they actually look on you.

Second, bring reference photos to your trial so we can see what kind of look you’re going for. This helps a lot more than just trying to describe it.

Finally, when it comes down to the style decisions for the big day, always go for more of the “you” look. You won’t regret looking like a more glam version of yourself, but you might regret having a ton of photos that just don’t look like you.

Book an appointment with our bridal hair and makeup professionals to schedule a wedding look trial.