Bring on the Colour: Beauty Trends 2016

Are you looking for a new way to liven up your makeup and hair this year? It turns out you have some easy options for updating your look. Check out these fun beauty trends for 2016.

Hair and makeup trends for 2016

Hair trends in 2016 are going to be all about colour and creativity. Experimenting with natural colours and highlights is a safe way to go for classic beauty, but if you’re a trend setter you should check out the new vivid colour options becoming available in salons. The hottest hair colours for the year include blending multiple colours to create distinctive looks that you just won’t find on natural hair.

One such colour is bronde, a beautiful combination of brown (or dark blonde) and lighter blonde hair that brings out the best qualities in each to create a golden mane. If you want a trendy colour that still looks somewhat natural, bronde is the way to go. For the more adventurous, colours like purple, teal, and pink are in full force in 2016. How to wear it? Keep the colour just at the ends of your hair. You can even combine several pastel colours in an ombre effect. Silvery white is another newer colour option that came into popularity in 2015 and is a hot way to change up your look. The flattering shade looks good on any skin tone and any age.

Hair isn’t the only place you’ll be finding more colour in 2016. New makeup trends for the coming year include coloured mascara, with blue being the top choice. In fact, even Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher has been seen rocking this look. The trick to wearing this eye trend is to keep the rest of your makeup minimal with natural shades.

What is next in the beauty industry?

Other looks that you may not have seen last year are setting the mood for the new year. Several fashion shows have shown off light pink and peach eye palettes. You may be more accustomed to seeing these colours on cheeks and lips, but they are universally flattering shades that provide a contrast to the previous smoky eye trend. The pink and peach eye palette lends itself to a minimal makeup look or allows you to put the focus on your lip colour.

The other top eyeshadow trend for the year is fairy-like glitter. Use an easy hand and add glitter sparingly to achieve the sprinkled with fairy dust look. It works well in light or silvery shades.

What is trending in beauty for 2016

Overall, softer eyes with occasional bold accents will be taking over the trends for beauty in 2016. Think pastels, soft grey, and light metallic hues. At the other end of the spectrum, 2016 is the year to really have fun with lipstick and glosses. You’ll be seeing more bright matte colours, 90’s-influenced brown shades, and candy red. Match your minimal eyes with bold hair and loud lips, and you’ll be ready to start 2016 in style.

Our top tip for nailing beauty trends in the coming year? Have fun and wear the colours you like best! Follow the STYLU blog for more hair and makeup tips in 2016.