Carefree Trends for Spring 2016 Hair and Makeup

Spring is the time for Spring Break, the calendar’s appetizer to summer vacation. Since vacations are the time to let loose and unwind, fashion trends for spring 2016 reflect that carefree attitude. So, STYLU has the top tips for you to look Spring Break ready, even if you won’t be at the beach.

The secret to perfect hair

Want to know a little secret about perfect hair? It’s not perfect! Casual, effortless hair is the biggest look for spring, and you can pull it off no matter what length your cut is.

If you have medium to long hair, brushed out waves are one of the looks that transition easily from the catwalk to everyday life. You can get it by curling the hair with a large-barreled curling iron and then brushing through the curls one time only with a hairbrush with natural bristles. Don’t brush the waves all the way out! Before curling, try a heat-protectant texturizing spray like Sebastian Volupt.

Balayage is also a trend that will stay through spring and beyond. It creates the perfect naturally sun-kissed look and works for any occasion, unlike some edgier colour choices.

For those of you with shorter locks, deep side parts with a bit of finger styling give off a fun vibe that doesn’t take much time to achieve at home. Redken’s Guts 10 is a good product to use for this look. It lifts the roots and provides hold without making your hair look glued in place. The idea is to look and feel relaxed.

Experiment with go-anywhere makeup trends

You can experiment with new makeup applications without looking out of place at school or work. One of the most unique ideas in spring 2016 makeup is to apply faux freckles. For those who are naturally-inclined to freckling, the spring and summer sun brings them out. But if you don’t tend to freckle, you can use a light brown lip or eye pencil to get the effect.

If freckles don’t work for you, blush applied high on the cheek bones is another look that goes well with the sunnier months of the year. Blending a bit of blush up to the temple and slightly above the brow makes your face look like it’s been hit by a touch of sun, even if you’ve been stuck inside.

Because spring often calls for soft, natural looks, it’s the perfect time to play with new nail colour options. Skip the boring pastels and opt for something bolder. We suggest a bright red-orange to full orange shade like Essie’s Hip-Anema or Zoya’s Paz.

Have fun with your springtime styling and watch the STYLU blog for more tips and the launch of our Toronto on-demand beauty app!