What to Expect for 2017 Hair and Makeup

Is today’s hectic schedule keeping you away from attending a very special occasion? You have second thoughts about coming because you only have an hour or two to do your hair and makeup. Grab your phone and try the mobile hair and makeup on demand service by Stylu.
2017 is here and you start to feel anxious again because you want to look perfect and love to have the “trendy look”. If you want to look stylish on special occasions, you have to rely on the best hair and makeup artist.

So what are the hair and makeup trends for 2017?

This 2017, hair is expected to be extra long. Growing your hair or using hair extension is “trendy” this year. It looks like it’s a long-hair-don’t-care year for Kim Kardashian with her super long, pin-straight lengths and Beyonce’s waist-length hair.

Also in 2017, braids are trending. Models in Missoni used accent braids at a 2017 Fashion Week. If you want a Bohemian look especially this coming summer, you can never go wrong with braids since they give a perfect impression.
Jeremy Scott sent his models to get mushroom haircuts. The bowl-like bob looks have debuted its comeback during one of his recent runway show. This unexpected hairstyle trend will be your best summer look.

This year eyes are expected to be glittery than last year. Extra glitters for eyeshadow are “in”. It can even be placed under and around your eyes. Model Shiatzy Chen is a trendsetter when her under eyes were loaded with silver sparkle.
Blurred lips are still trending this 2017. However, the glittery lip is also “in” as it matches the glittery eyes.

If you love hair and makeup products, you need to know these must-haves.
Temptu Air is a home handheld airbrush machine great for non-makeup artists. It is rechargeable and cordless. It applies foundation, highlighter, bronzer, and blush.
Becca X Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Perfector and Lancome Foundation are best for your face and skin.
Estee Lauder has trending natural-colored lipsticks.

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