Sexy, Fun, Playful: STYLU’s Tips for Romantic Valentine’s Day Beauty

Your beauty style for Valentine’s Day is important because you are likely considering a special someone as you choose your look for the day. Rather than doing your usual makeup and hair, you may want to put extra effort in for a romantic evening. Here are some tips for getting a sexy look for Valentine’s Day.

Most romantic makeup and hair for Valentine’s Day

Although red lips are a traditionally romantic look, they’re not always the best choice for a Valentine’s Day date. For a more subtle look that invites an end-of-evening kiss without the worry of lipstick smears, go for a neutral lip shade. It’s less high maintenance and gives you a pretty, youthful appearance. A light pink works if you’re having a fun evening, and a peachy neutral offers a more sophisticated option for a dinner date.

Since this is a special day, it’s also the perfect time to try out false lashes. Mascara alone works fine for day-to-day beauty, but falsies give your lashes the most length and thickness. And we all know that nothing says romance like fluttering lashes.

For your hair, stick with a soft, feminine style. A messy braid pulled to the side creates a playful appearance that is appealing. Pull off this look by tugging at the sides of your braid once it’s complete. Big, loose curls that are partially pulled up with a pretty clip are another look that sends off fun and sexy vibes. Remember, don’t go too tight or formal—Valentine’s Day should be fun!

Consider getting your hair or makeup done for Valentine’s Day

If you’re going to splurge on professional hair or makeup styling, Valentine’s is the perfect day to do it. A stylist can give your appearance the extra romantic appeal you are looking for. And a styling appointment lets you put your effort into planning the perfect evening, or simply allowing yourself to be pampered so you’ll feel like a true vixen.

Want to make romantic beauty even easier? Stay tuned for the launch of STYLU, an on-demand beauty app that allows you to schedule your beauty appointment from any device and get a stylist right at your door.