The Future of the Service Industry: On Demand Mobile Services

No matter how advanced our communications technology gets, there are some services that a smart device simply can’t provide. After all, your phone isn’t going to cut your hair, right? Maybe not, but with on demand mobile services you can get the convenience of services that are just a tap away. On demand mobile services blend information technology with offline services. So, even if your phone can’t cut your hair—or your tablet can’t replicate a new outfit Star Trek style—you still don’t have to leave the comfort of your home (or wherever you happen to be) to have those things taken care of.

Look what’s trending in mobile apps

Why are mobile enabled on demand services becoming so popular? They allow the customer to have the services they need delivered to them while using their time for other activities. Rather than waiting in line for movie tickets, you order them on your device. Instead of waiting for a taxi, you simply find one in your area on Uber. You can even get clothing rental delivered to your door.

But, doesn’t all of that sound kind of lazy? Not really. Most of us have busier lives than ever. What we need are ways to mark tasks off our lists without using up a large quantity of time. Efficiency allows you more time to do the things that are important. Slow down and enjoy a meal with friends or put time into meaningful work or hobbies instead of wasting it driving around completing errands. Having whatever you need be just a tap away means:

  • Easy access to services—Everything you need can be located on your device.
  • Instant gratification—The services are ready when you are.
  • Boost to local economy—Most on demand mobile services utilize a local workforce to deliver services in their area.
  • Better for the environment—Because services are carried out on a local level, it reduces shipping costs associated with more traditional mobile enabled services.
  • Secure, easy payments—You simply pay on your device when you purchase a product or schedule an appointment.
  • One convenient tool—Scheduling, confirmation, payments, and feedback regarding services can all be completed in one application.

It’s not about laziness at all. It’s about creating more productive, creative, and enjoyable lives for all of us.

What conveniences can you expect more of in the near future?

On demand mobile services are changing the future of the service industry. You’ll likely see more apps coming out for food and groceries; home services like cleaning, handiwork, and lawn care; same-day retail services; and health and beauty services. Having a company send someone to your door to clean your house, deliver groceries, and get you ready to go can be a major timesaver for those of us who just can’t fit everything into our schedules.

And, the services are only going to expand and improve. As new startups create competitive options for the existing apps, it will become a race for brand loyalty. If you can get your groceries delivered by three different companies in your area, you want the one that offers the most benefit to you, of course. We’ll likely start seeing more rewards programs that build up points for frequent users and other perks.

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