Wanting to Try a New Holiday Hair and Makeup Trend?

We know that you love to stay on trend, especially for the holidays. Whether you’re entertaining or visiting with friends and family, it’s a lot of fun to go with an extra special look for holiday parties. Here’s what to expect for makeup and hair trends this holiday season.

Holiday hair trends

Holiday style should require a little more effort than your usual ‘do. But you don’t want a hairstyle that is uncomfortable to wear all evening. After all, the holidays are about having fun and enjoying the company of the people you care about. Partial up-dos that leave some of your hair hanging down are the season’s easiest way to look put together and comfortable at the same time. And there is no better time to add accessories like sparkling bobby pins or a simple red ribbon. Curl the hair left out of the up-do with a large barrel curling iron and add a mist of flexible-hold hairspray like Joico’s JoiShape Shaping and Finishing Spray 04.

Holiday makeup trends

We believe holiday makeup should be fun to wear. And that’s why we suggest adding a bit of sparkle with NYX Crystal Liquid Eyeliner. What better occasion than the holidays to add glitter to your makeup routine? It hints at the existing aesthetic of winter and holiday décor, like streetlights twinkling on the snow and tinsel hanging inside.

Red is a classic holiday colour, and thankfully, it’s also a classic lip colour! But to put a holiday twist on this classic, go for some glitter in your lipstick as well. You can apply a glitter gloss over your favorite red lipstick, or go for a lipstick that already contains a metallic sheen. We suggest Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipstick in Adora.

Whatever trends catch your eye this season, be sure to have fun with them! Keep an eye on the STYLU blog for more beauty ideas.