What You Need to Know about Men’s Hair Trends This Year

Summer is about to hit, and it’s a good time to clean up your haircut before you head out for a vacation. Men’s hairstyles have been getting more elaborate in recent years. But the good news is that you have easy options to update your look for 2016.

Men’s hair trends go deep

2015 was undoubtedly the year of the undercut, and it is not going out of style for 2016. If anything the undercut remains more popular than ever in men’s hair trends.

One of the hottest new hair trends for men this year is the deep part. It is a more modern take on the classic side part hairstyle. Paired with a sophisticated undercut, the deep part not only looks cool, it also makes it easy for you to style your hair. That’s because the part in your hair is actually a component of the cut itself.

Of course, you don’t have to pair this look with an undercut. The deep side part also works well with a more subtle fade or classic tapered cut. Just keep the hair below the part neat, and you can try different styles with the longer hair on top.

Keeping your hair on fleek

The biggest mistake you can make with your hairstyle is not using any products. When you get your hair cut, you should ask your stylist to let you know which styling products they are using. That way, you can keep up the style at home.

If you’re keeping the hair longer on top, like with the pompadour style, you need a good water-based pomade that will keep it from falling flat. Layrite Original Pomade is one that works well. The thing to keep in mind is that the modernized pompadour is more casual looking and should stay soft to the touch. You don’t want a style that looks stiff, so avoid hair gels. They tend to make the hair dry into place. The right pomade, on the other hand, will provide strong hold while making it possible to comb or re-style your hair without needing to wash out the product.

Go ahead and try a new cut. And keep following Stylu for more tips on men’s hair trends.